The Story Behind Fishing Charters of Racine

fishing c harters of racine logo have been servicing the
Racine charter industry for 40 years. Back in 1974,
twelve sport charter fishermen wanted to prove that the
port of Racine could provide the finest salmon and trout
fishing on the Great Lakes.

Racine charter fish1

Since that time, the Fishing Charters Association has been
known as the oldest, largest and most experienced group of
sport fishing charter captains in Southeastern Wisconsin.

Our home port of Racine provides the most consistant
season- long fishing on Lake Michigan. The structure of
the lake bottom outside the Racine harbor includes a
variation of depths with three different reefs. Constantly
on the move with voracious appetites, the fish are attracted
by these reefs which provide good feeding grounds.

As conditions change throughout the season you have the
option to fish any of the five most common species of
salmon and trout. You may ask your Captain or call the
toll-free number to inquire more about the different
spicies and the best time to fish for your favorite fish.
Fishing for salmon and trout on Lake Michigan requires
the finest equipment available with the most knowledgeable
personnel. Fishing Charters of Racine takes great

pride in maintaining high standards of professional service.

All of the boats are modern, clean and fully equipped
including all needed fishing gear, marine radios, radar,
GPS, private heads (toilet facilities) and complete US
Coast Guard approved safety equipment. All our captains
are fully licensed and follow stringent bylaws and
regulations created by the association. Communication
between captains during charters provides your group
with the latest information on where fish are biting.
Come to the “FISHING HOT SPOT” – Racine,
Wisconsin. Discover what special services are available
to you and your group, make note of what you need, follow
the tips in “How To Plan Your Fishing Trip” and contact
our captains to make your reservations. You can find
details on pages 12 & 13, or on the web at:

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